Hounded By Kevin Hearne ($2.99)


This is a great piece of urban fantasy. If you like The Dresden Files or similar books check this one out.

Atticus O’Sullivan is the last of the Druids. He has lived a long life, made enemies of a few Gods, and friends with others. Currently, he lives in Arizona with his Irish wolfhound Oberon. Mostly he just tries to stay out of things, that’s why he moved to Arizona, its harder for the fae to find him there. But it seems some Gods can be rather persistent.

This book was a really fun read. It was creative and funny. So many times I ended up laughing at the jokes. Oh and talking dog, well not really talking, Atticus can speak with his dog as he has bonded with him. Man, that dog is hilarious sometimes.

Anyways, my little summary doesn’t do it much justice. It really is fantastic. You can tell that Kevin Hearne put a lot of research into the Gods of the Celtic religion. To top it off its also well written, and easy to read.

The only downside is its short. About 303 pages. That said its short but well put together, it resolves everything nice and sweet, and leave you wanting more. Which there are more, this is just the start of the series. Again though it’s short and each additional book is more pricey.

Audible note: Another hit narrated by Luke Daniels. I sware any book he reads for audible has gotta be a hit. But this one might be better to save your audible credit and go for the Kindle version. It’s performed great and is a great book but it’s short. Audible version is only 8 hours.


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