The greatness of Kindle Unlimited

Hey all,

I just wanted to take a minute to post something that some of you might not know about. It’s a program with Amazon called Kindle Unlimited. It’s a subscription service ($9.99 a month) that allows you to “borrow” up to 10 books at a time with no additional cost.

Think of it as a library card! you pay your monthly fee and you can read thousands of books for free.

I wanted to take the time to touch on this because let’s face it when you are looking for a deal that will give you the luxury of reading without being too costly its a deal you can’t pass up.

Now if you are one to do the math, you might be thinking ” well 9.99 for 10 books a month. that’s 99¢ per book.”  Well, yes in a way it’s like getting 10 books for 99¢, but its much more than that!

Let’s say in the span of a month you usually read 10-15 books (it might be a lot to some but let’s just pretend we are all speed readers). with Kindle Unlimited you can borrow 10 books, read them, then return them and borrow another 10 books! There isn’t really a limit. You can borrow and return them as many times as you want, the only stipulation is you can only have 10 borrowed at a time!

One thing I do like to point out is I’m not sure how much money authors make by allowing their books to be on kindle unlimited. So occasionally if I read a book or a series I like on Kindle unlimited I will purchase the full copy of the Kindle book to help support my favorite authors. It’s just something I like to do to show my appreciation.


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