Super Sales on Super Heroes (4.99)


Another superhero fantasy book! At this rate, I should change this website into a superhero fiction review site!

Anyways, Main character Felix has a power that lets him modify items he owns. When he uses his power, he gets a sort of heads-up display that shows him the attributes of the item he is targeting. This allows him to change attributes of the item. The only downside is he has to own the item, and he only has so many points he can spend each day to change things, the refresh at the start of the new day. This means he can only make small changes.

He accidentally ends up buying some nearly dead hero slaves and discovers a whole host of possibilities.

This book I admit can be tough to read. If you are an avid gamer, the book probably won’t cause you problems. Think of his power like editing character sheets, and every edit costs points which refresh each day. Much like Arand other books, it is easier to read if you have some sort of gaming knowledge, be it computer games or tabletop RPG experience. Overall it’s a superhero power I haven’t seen before. If you’ve read Arand’s The Selfless Hero Trilogy the concept is VERY familiar. The difference being this world is set in an actual world and not a virtual game.

Also, like his other books, there is a definite Haram theme to this book. Which, eh, I could do without, but it’s not as bad as The Selfless Hero Trilogy.

This book is 4.99 for kindle, or Free to borrow with Kindle unlimited


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