Off to Be the Wizard (Magic 2.0) by Scott Meyer Kindle Unlimited Free ($10.99)

Off to be the Wizard by Scott Meyer-Kindle

Audible version

Martin Banks is a hacker who likes to poke around in data he finds floating around the web. One day he discovers a file with his name. Martin soon discovers the numbers in the file correspond to real like stats, like his height, weight, bank account number. But that’s not the only thing he discovers. Changing the file can affect reality. So he does was any of us would do, Travels back to the middle ages to set himself up as an all mighty wizard.

That’s not exactly how things go, but its pretty much the gist of the start of the book. It’s a great combination of the matrix, and typical swords and sorcery fantasy. Word to the wise; If you are not at least somewhat computer savvy it might be a little difficult to follow some parts. It’s not EXTREME in its computer jargon, but it does use some. Which is easy to overcome if you can understand context clues and the brief explanations they use in the book.

Note: I know its regularly priced at $10.99 which isn’t really that cheap. If you are subscribed to kindle unlimited (which if you like to read you definitely should!) you can read it for free!

Id also like to note the Audiobook version is narrated by Luke Daniels who is one of the best audiobook narrators I’ve listened to in a long time. Also, the audiobook is 17.99 or 4.95 if you have a membership.


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