Jumper By Steven Gould $5.99

Jumper by Steven Gould -kindle

Jumper on audible!

Set in the modern world, the main character David Rice discovers he can teleport to any play he has physically been and can remember.

This book starts off very rough and very graphic. Davy Rice doesn’t have a good home life, once he discovers he can teleport (its called jumping in the book) he runs away and pursues happiness.

If you decided to read this book, the first two chapters where he suffers abuse can be very rough. It’s almost enough to make you wanna stop reading it. Please suffer through though. What follows after that a magnificent story that shows a kid doing what we would all do if we could teleport anywhere we’ve ever been.

Note: This book was made into a movie! And the only thing this book has in common with the movie is teleportation and character names.  The problem with the movie (viewing it through the lens of this book) is the adaptation was so off it might as well be on the moon. It shares a few similarities, but this book is not an action adventure. There are a few action ‘scenes’ in this book but for the most part, this book would be better as a drama, showing someone recovering from abuse and trying to find happiness, oh and guess what he can teleport.


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