Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines $9.99

Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines -kindle

Ex-Heroes is a book about Superheroes and zombies. It is a very unique concept, “what would happen if superheroes existed in the zombie apocalypse.

Most of the world has fallen to the zombie virus. The few heroes immune, or that happened to survive, gather a large group of survivors and hold up trying to just survive. If some heroes have survived you can be sure, that some of the villains have survived as well.

Amazing character development. For example; St. George, one of the main surviving heroes. He is immune to most damage, can glide in the are and breath fire. Before the outbreak, he went by the moniker “The Dragon,” when the apocalypse came he metaphorically slew the Dragon and changed his name to St. George to be a better leader to the surviving people. It’s clever things like this that I like to see in books.

It’s really a good read, and it’s part of a series, so if you’re looking for several books to keep you occupied I’d definitly check this out!




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